Solutions to your recruitment challenges

Apr 17, 2024By Jeroen De Maeyer


Person-Position-Organization match in recruitment and selection of personnel, is one of the most important tasks for any business. But it can also be one of its most difficult and challenging processes. It is essential to understand the different challenges involved in attracting talent so that we can make sure we are making the right decisions at the right time and according to the right methodology.

Some of the most common recruitment problems in a company are these five:

-            Lack of qualified candidates.

-            Lack of detailed job descriptions.

-            The length of the selection process.

-            Candidate/company cultural fit.

-            Management of expectations.

If we are able to understand these challenges, human resources professionals will be able to anticipate them and offer candidates something that seems increasingly difficult: an attractive project in an environment that cares about people and their development.

External recruitment: the battle for talent

Recruitment professionals are aware that for some time now it has seemed more difficult than ever to find the right professionals. Paradoxically, however, there are more and more professionals and better trained than ever before. So what is happening?

There are two aspects we need to look at more closely: resistance to change and recruitment sources.

There are many professionals who, due to the current uncertainty, shy away from change. They will only be attracted to projects that, in addition to security, project a series of “WOW elements”. Only if we are able to spread this passion for a new project will they consider the change. Beyond Employer branding, Inbound Recruiting is becoming more and more important.

In addition, more and more organizations are using mass recruitment sources. This, which is apparently easy for the company, only saturates these channels and their users. Do we want to be attractive on these platforms? It will be increasingly necessary to differentiate ourselves and personalize each of our messages.

In The Battle for Talent, only those professionals who understand the value of uniqueness will make the difference.

Selection by competencies and job descriptions in personnel recruitment

When it comes to personnel selection in a company, it cannot be conceived as a mere curriculum review.

Beyond technical knowledge (hard skills), the real indicator of the person's potential fit within the organization comes from the misnamed soft skills.

We must reorient our selection processes towards competency-based selection. To do this, first of all, we will need two basic elements:

-            A proper and in-depth job description

-            An ideal competency profile for each of the positions we want to fill.

 This is the only way to give competencies the value they really have: they are the Power Skills on which the performance and development of our professionals in the organization is based.

Duration of recruitment and selection processes and expectation management

We sometimes think that it is only the younger generations that demand a high level of agility and immediacy. On the contrary, this affects all groups and has become one of the most important dynamics of today's labor market.

The selection processes with several phases and extended in time only demotivate the vast majority of candidates. The prospect of a very distant horizon is something that not even the most sophisticated loyalty strategies can overcome. For this reason, human resources departments must streamline their processes as much as posible and create Agile processes.

 We must balance the time needed to carry out the tests we consider necessary with the professionals' demand for immediacy... And if we are not able to reduce the times, we will face a loss of valuable professionals who, in addition, will leave with a feeling of disappointment.

We will also provoke the same disappointment if the information is not clear from the outset regarding the conditions, deadlines and objectives expected of them in the job.

person holding white mini bell alarmclock

Person-Position-Organization fit in recruitment and selection of personnel

In line with this transparency and constant communication, there is an aspect that is sometimes forgotten and that is key to the success of any personnel selection: the match.

The new employee arrives with a background full of experience, knowledge and ways of behaving. Together, company and employee must nurture each other to continue to grow and reach their full potential. But, to generate this healthy and enriching ecosystem, there must be an important preliminary work: we must ensure that the principles and values of the person fit with those of the environment in which he/she will be integrated.

So…How to solve your recruitment challenges?

Although each recruitment process is different, there are three aspects that we must never forget when implementing our talent attraction strategies:

-            Recruitment planning: Before starting, plan each recruitment process. We must consider whether it is a mass recruitment or a direct search / Headhunting, since each type of search responds to specific needs and involves a different methodologies.

-            Communication: In any case, take care of communication at all times. We all want to feel unique and only through personal, tailored and clear communication can we generate the trust we need to overcome possible resistance to change.

-            Outsourcing personnel selection: If at any time you need support in your personnel selection processes, do not hesitate to count on the help of a recruitment and selection company. Experience is a degree.

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