Training Trends of 2024


May 20, 2024By Jeroen De Maeyer

The world of work is constantly changing and the training needs of companies and their employees are also evolving. In this context, the importance of training in organizations is, if possible, greater than ever.

Only through training will we be able to develop our people and teams and thus ensure a role in the business fabric to come. That is why today we are talking about four of the training trends in 2024 that are bound to make a place for themselves in our training plans:

Equality and Diversity Training.

Leadership Development.

Teambuilding, commitment and sense of belonging.

Design Thinking and AI.

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Equality and Diversity Training.

If there is one area of training that is playing a leading role this year, it is without any doubt the training actions aimed at transforming our organizations into more diverse and inclusive ecosystems in which all groups are equally represented and valued.

It is time to deploy all the Equality and Diversity plans designes during the last few years and translate them into specific actions.

The formulas are very varied, from awareness workshops, inclusion and communication workshops, climate, culture, diversity and commitment studies..., always combining experiential methodology with the best online tools that boost a deeper and more accessible learning.

Leadership Development.

Equally important are all those training actions aimed at establishing and developing leadership in our organizations, especially those designed specifically for middle management. These profiles are critical in any organization and their role ensures that the long-term strategy is converted into day-to-day actions, hand in hand with business objectives and strategy.

Based on three main types of competencies -personal, relational and leadership- organizations need customized programs that to strengthen the capabilities and Power Skills of those professionals, in order to provide them with a series of useful tools for decision making, complex problem solving and improve their communication skills, influence and team motivation.

Of course, the unique nature of this type of professionals makes it essential to design a tailor-made and 100% personalized program that includes a follow-up of their evolution and constant feedback. In addition, when we consider this type of action, we must always combine the development of the leaders of our organization with the linkage and integration between leaders and teams.

Teambuilding, motivation and sense of belonging.

Teambuilding is one of the most powerful tools available to Human Resources departments and also one of the most used. However, 2024 looks set to be another great year for Teambuilding.

After a turbulent time, the medium-term macroeconomic outlook does not seem to be any better, which generates a high degree of uncertainty, physical/mental exhaustion and resignation.

Human Resources professionals must take this aspect into consideration and anticipate it. It is a great time to transform this negative aftertaste and motivate our collaborators with actions that take them out of their routines, that involve a special moment in which, in a face-to-face and experiential way, we can work on the feeling of belonging, motivation and emotional bonding, teamwork and adaptation to change.

And to maximize the benefits of Teambuilding it is best to turn the concept around and take it to another level. Let's look for new types of activities and places never used before. Let's merge it with volunteering, sustainability and social responsibility actions, going back to what makes our organization unique and what allows us to feel part of something bigger: shared values.

This year, the question is not Teambuilding yes or no. In 2024 the only possible question is when.

Design Thinking in times of AI.

Design Thinking is a methodology oriented to generate solutions from a complex challenge. It became popular a few years ago, but it has been in recent months when it seems to have become a fundamental tool for all types of companies seeking to innovate and solve problems creatively.

It is based on empathy, collaboration and experimentation, putting the user at the center of the creative process. This approach is that makes it so special. Not only does it help organizations to transform themselves, but it also gives the leading role in this change to our collaborators. It is therefore a powerful lever for change that works deeply on motivation, self-improvement, belonging, attachment to the organization and, of course, creativity.

In 2024, Design Thinking will be aligned with Artificial Intelligence to take creativity to another level. If we add to human creative thinking a pool of AI tools that allow us to implement solutions in the most efficient way possible, what will be able to stop us?

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Conclusion - Training Trends in 2024.

Let's think of the months ahead of us as an excellent opportunity to transform our teams and organizations, a transformation that, in order to be useful, will necessarily involve the role of our employees and their relationship with the rest of the organization.

It is time to focus on critical competencies for the future, such as flexibility, adaptability and teamwork, but we must also update our structures and processes to make our companies more enriching and valued environments. It is a big challenge and time is short. The sooner we start, the better.