Welcoming HILL International to our Global Executive Search Network.

Feb 05, 2024

Welcome to our Global Executive Search Network!

We are thrilled to announce the newest cooperation partner to our esteemed ENEX network: the HILL International Network with its offices mainly in CEE and SEE is highly established consulting Firm for Professional Search & Selection, Executive Search & Leadership  in its regions. HILL International brings a wealth of expertise and a strong track record of success to the ENEX family. Their commitment to excellence and dedication to delivering top-tier talent, aligns perfectly with our mission to provide unparalleled Executive Search services to our clients worldwide.

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About HILL International

HILL International is renowned for its comprehensive approach to Direct Search and Executive Search, specializing in identifying and attracting top-tier leadership talent for organizations across various industries. The firm is a well-established brand in Eastern Europe with over 20 offices in the region, including in Greece and Turkey. 

HILL International has a deep understanding of the intricacies of executive recruitment in Eastern Europe and build a renowned brand for clear reasons which also includes its own potential analysis system for a methodological foundation of HR decision

Expanding Our Reach

The cooperation between HILL International and the ENEX network further strengthens our global reach and enhances our ability to connect clients with the best executive talent available. This expansion not only broadens our network but also enriches the diversity of expertise and resources available to our clients, ensuring that they have access to the most qualified candidates for their executive leadership needs.

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ENEX Global Executive Search Network

At ENEX, we believe in fostering strong partnerships based on shared values and a commitment to excellence. A major strength of the ENEX network is their worldwide reach, but at the same time in depth local expertise. The network is a composition of fully independent firms that work together in the same direction, with the same values and similar market approach.

“We truly care about our clients and candidates, whether it is in Brussels, San Diego or Singapore.”  says Marleen Smekens, President of ENEX. 

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Looking Ahead

Marleen outlines the importance of this new partnership. ENEX clients from all kinds of sectors are still expanding on a global scale, establishing headquarters, factories or sales offices outside of their home base. There is a high demand for Executives and Experts to kickstart or further develop these company settlements. Central and Eastern Europe are key area’s in this regard

“Our new cooperation with HILL International will allow us to guarantee a strong service for our clients in a very wide region, from Poland to Greece and Turkey. Our vision of “Worldwide Reach, Local expertise and True engagement” has just got stronger and bigger than ever.”

Learn more about HILL International: https://www.hill-international.com/en-EU/